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Porcelain or Metal Free Crowns are parts that completely restore a tooth to its natural shape and color, and are bonded to natural teeth that have more severe damage.
As well as veneers, they allow the aesthetics of the smile to be completely reshaped, in major procedures, or in simply one tooth.

Crowns protect and strengthen extensively damaged teeth or those treated for root canal that cannot be restored with amalgam or resins. One of its functions is to strengthen teeth and recover its masticatory function.

Made entirely of porcelain, they are primarily designed for cases where esthetics is critical, such as front teeth. They are very resistant and durable, but may need to be replaced every few years. This assessment will be done by your dentist at a regular check-up appointment at WELL CLINIC.

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CEREC is an exclusive CAD/CAM system for individual ceramic restorations performed in just one appointment. Quickly and safely achieve a patient´s desired result

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Clinical cases

We present relevant clinical cases for dental practice in various specialties and in addition rely on the expertise of our medical staff.

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